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No Such Thing is the brainchild of On The Run’s David Ralfe and Rhum and Clay Theatre Company’s Christopher Harrisson.


It provides a home for short-form physical, visual and experimental performance.  By short-form, we mean self-contained pieces no more than 15 minutes long.


We programme and occasionally perform in No Such Thing about twice a year, in partnership with the New Diorama Theatre. 


Previous No Such Things have featured clown, dance, hand-shadow puppetry, physical theatre, short films, mad lectures, acrobatics, performances in near-total darkness and our very own ‘Greek Tragedy’, a deranged spoof of theatre’s most murderous genre.


Keep an eye out for announcements on the next No Such Thing when we’ll open applications for a brand new line-up of amazing artists.


Read our Guest Column in Exeunt Magazine to find out more about why we love short form theatre.









Photos by Richard Davenport & Mihaela Bodlovic









On The Run and Rhum and Clay Theatre Company present No Such Thing