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No Such Thing was the brainchild of On The Run’s David Ralfe and Rhum and Clay Theatre Company’s Christopher Harrisson. It ran from 2014-15 at the New Diorama Theatre.


It provided a home for short-form physical, visual and experimental performance.  By short-form, we mean self-contained pieces no more than 15 minutes long.


Previous No Such Things have featured clown, dance, hand-shadow puppetry, physical theatre, short films, mad lectures, acrobatics, performances in near-total darkness and our very own ‘Greek Tragedy’, a deranged spoof of theatre’s most murderous genre.


Sadly we do not run No Such Thing anymore, but do enjoy some of the photos from our previous shows!


Read our Guest Column in Exeunt Magazine to find out more about why we love short form theatre.









Photos by Richard Davenport & Mihaela Bodlovic





On The Run and Rhum and Clay Theatre Company present No Such Thing