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Meet the mentees! introducing the two artists enrolled on our Mentoring Scheme 2021/22

We are delighted to announce the successful artists taking part in our Mentoring Scheme 2021/22!

Congratulations to Rudzani Moleya and Sara Hazemi!

The scheme is designed to provide artist-to-artist support over six months for two early career theatre-makers. Working on an autobiographical project with monthly mentoring sessions, the scheme culminates in a rehearsal day in person with Hannah to get their ideas up on their feet.

Without further ado, let’s introduce Sara and Rudzani and hear more about their projects…

Rudzani is working on ‘Papa Is Not Dead’, a one woman show set in South Africa. In the shadow of Apartheid , we follow 9-year-old Rosie on the day of her father’s funeral. You see, Rosie doesn’t believe her father is dead. She believes he is hiding away from the police because he is a freedom fighter and the police have tried to kill him before. Rudzani blends storytelling and movement in a poignant show about grief, family and the price of silence.

Sara is working on ‘Madar’, an autobiographical one-woman show about identity and mother-daughter relationships. ‘Madar’, the Farsi word for mother, explores her Mum Mina's experiences growing up during the Iranian Revolution and the Iran-Iraq War, and her migration to the UK. Side by side with Sara’s experience growing up in London, the show explores the complexities of dual nationality and the effects of translation - both linguistic and lived. A touching piece which explores identity and heritage through storytelling and music.

We cannot wait to see these exciting shows develop. We will give you updates along the way! Keep your eyes peeled.

On The Run Headquarters x

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