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The Spacesuit at the end
of the universe

Hannah has gone to space.

Hannah has gone to space to hide from her feelings.

Hannah has gone to space but there’s an alien, and it’s not a nice one with three green stalk eyes and a smile. It’s a scary one.

Her friend Boo has come to space to get Hannah home, unfortunately the alien has other plans.


The Spaceship at the End of the Universe is a clown show about shame and depression. But don’t worry, it’s funny too! Not that shame and depression are funny (no no) just that there are some funny things that happen. Hannah and Boo hope you can help them navigate their haphazard and hilarious journey exploring these (very) dark themes (sorry) with humour and positivity (yay).


Brought to you by creators of fringe sell-out show ‘So It Goes’ (★★★★★ Times, ★★★★Independent) and acclaimed ‘Everything I Didn’t Say’ (★★★★ The List), On The Run bring their unique blend of comedy and tragedy in a show supported by Shoreditch Town Hall and Oxford Playhouse.


Devising cast: Hannah Moss & Megan Vaughan-Thomas

Direction: Steph Kempson

Assistant Direction: Alice Lamb

Producer: Alice Massey

Sound Design: Dinah Mullen

Production Design: Caitlin Abbott

Photographer: Paul Blakemore

Videographer: Craig Fuller

Digital Specialist: Adam Lenson

Made with support from Arts Council England, Shoreditch Town Hall, Camden People’s Theatre and Oxford Playhouse

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