On The Run offers a range of workshops, which can be tailored to any age or level of experience. 


Our workshops share approaches we have developed through our work, informed by the pedagogy of Jacques Lecoq.  Below are details of our two most popular workshops.


To book a workshop or to discuss how we can tailor a workshop to the needs of your group, please get in touch.





Approaches To Autobiographical Theatre


Drawing from our show So It Goes, this workshop will show how everyone can borrow from their lived experiences – from the life changing to the everyday – to create theatre which is universal. 


We will share exercises designed to help you explore your memories and then transform them into engaging, honest theatre.  We also experiment with different theatrical styles and forms of storytelling.


The workshop uses approaches developed by On The Run, as well as Jacques Lecoq.






Embodying Characters

A Lecoq approach to physical characterisation


No two people move the same way, so actors must be able to transform their bodies, in order to inhabit the characters they are playing.  This workshop takes the body as a starting point for character work, with particular focus on devising characters from scratch, using play and improvisation. 


How does your character stand, walk, sit down, pack a bag?  How can gestures or physical ‘tics’ be built into a character?  How much can we tell the audience about a character, just from the way they enter a room?


The workshop also teaches physical exercises and warm-ups which will be useful in any rehearsal room, enhancing actors’ physical awareness, whether they are working on physical theatre or naturalism.